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1. Medical Textiles

Medical textiles and bio-materials for healthcare

Bio-polymers and Bio-technology

Technologies involved in textile biotechnology

Smart textiles and bio-materials containing enzymes or enzyme substrates

Enzymatic treatment versus conventional chemical processing of fibres

2. Technical Textiles

New materials for fibres and extrusion (Functional fibres)

Geotextiles, civil engineering, building and construction

Sports and leisure

Electrospinning and Nanotechnology in technical textiles

Filtration, packaging and other related field textiles

Automotive and other transportation media

3. Smart and Interactive Textiles

Intelligent textiles and clothing

Wearable electronics and photonics

Formation of electrical circuits in textile structures

Conductive textile materials

Clothing bio-sensory engineering including piezoelectric smart materials

Solar textiles: production and distribution of electricity coming from solar radiation

Engineering textile and clothing aesthetics using shape changing materials

Shape memory polymer films for breathable textiles

Development of shape memory alloy fabrics for composite structures

Textile micro system technology

Auxetic, hydrochromic, thermochromic and Photochromic

4. Surface Coatings

Surface treatments of fibres and fabrics

Coating of carbon nanotubes

Coating and laminating fabrics for cold weather apparel

Plasma technologies for textiles

Low-pressure cold plasma processing technology

Atmospheric-pressure cold plasma processing technology

Nano-scale treatment of textiles using plasma technology

Interfacial engineering of functional textiles for biomedical applications

Atmospheric pressure plasma polymerisation

5. Advances in Apparel Design

Engineering apparel fabrics and garments

Material and design issues in clothing

Thermal insulation properties of textiles and clothing

The use of smart materials in apparel

Designing for ventilation in cold weather apparel

Clothing for military and special forces applications

Bio-mechanical engineering of textiles and clothing

6. Ecological Textiles

Biodegradable and sustainable textiles

Recycling and environmental impact of textiles  

Microbial processes in the degradation of fibres

Biodegradable natural fibre composites

Biodegradable nonwovens

Natural geotextiles

7. Composites Materials

Aerospace application of textile composites

Applications of textile composites in the construction industry

Textile composites in sports products

Textile reinforced composites in medicine

Flammability and fire resistance of composites

8. Protective Clothing

Body armour, slash and stab proof

Military and defence textiles

High-performance anti ballistic and flame retardant textiles

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) clothing

Flame and heat resistant material

9. Biologically Inspired Textiles

Bio-mimetic principles, production and properties

Spinning of fibres from protein solutions

Principles of spider silk for high-performance fibres

Bio-mimetic design of composite materials and applications

Bio-mimetic principles in clothing technology

Self-cleaning textiles using the Lotus Effect

10. Computer Technology for Textiles and Apparel

Digital technology for yarn structure and appearance analysis

Digital-based technology for fabric structure analysis

Modelling and simulation of textiles and garments

Digital printing technology for textiles and apparel

Three-dimensional (3D) knitted, woven and non-woven fabrics

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