Prof. Tahir Shah has a B.Sc. in Chemistry/Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry, from Salford University, UK. He has over 20 years research and development experience in the field of Polymer/Textile Science and Technology. He is currently working as a Senior Academic at the Centre for Materials Research and Innovation (CMRI), University of Bolton. Prior to this he worked as a Senior Research Scientist and Advisor in the Polymers Department at SABIC R&T, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where his particular interest was in the Science and Technology of polyesters. Before joining SABIC in 1995, he was a Senior Scientist/Section Head in the Materials Science Centre at the British Textile Technology Group (BTTG) in Manchester, UK. Previously he had worked as a Research Fellow at Salford University on the development of novel ion exchange resins for the recovery of uranium and other valuable trace metals from seawater. As an ICI Research Associate at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UK) he developed novel thermoplastic elastomeric polymers based on polyester-polyether chemistry. He also carried out research on pressure sensitive adhesives for RTZ Chemicals and on novel functionalised polycarbonates Cobe Steel, respectively. Dr. Shah’s current research interests are mainly in the areas of geosynthetic materials, polymer science and technology, smart and intelligent materials, renewable energy harvesting and biomedical materials and systems. He is an international consultant for polymer, materials science and textile related projects. He author of nearly 100 publications including three international patents, peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings.