Professor Jiří Militký is the university professor of Textile Science. at the Technical university of Liberec Czech Republic. His scientific activities are in the areas of textile physics, textile material engineering, nanocomposites and statistical data treatment mainly. He started to work in the field of the modeling of the kinetic processes in solid phase. In this field he published about 30 scientific papers. He was engaged in State Textile Research Institute in the department of the mathematical modeling of the textile structures from 1973 to 1976. He realized research in the field of statistical data analysis and quality control here. On these themes he published 4 books and about 100 scientific papers. From 1976 to 1989 he was engaged in Research Institute of Textile Finishing in Dvůr Králové‚ nad Labem in many positions, from head of the research department till scientific secretary. Here he worked in the field of textile dyeing, physics of the fibers, mathematical modeling in textile branch and control of dyeing and drying processes. In collaboration with University Pardubice he is working in the field of chemometrics in analytical laboratories. The two volume monographs published in England was finished in 1994 and 1996. Since 1989 he is at the Technical University of LIBEREC (TUL). He obtained full university professor degree in 1993. He is teaching at the Department of Textile Materials (textile fibers, textile testing. quality control, mathematical modeling) since 1989. In 1995 he was appointed Academician of the Ukraine Academy of Engineering Sciences .in 1996 he has obtained professional title EURING. From 1991 to 1993 he was at the position of vice chancellor for foreign relations and from 1994 till 2000 he was dean of the textile faculty. From2001 till 2003 he was vice chancellor for science and foreign relations. Since 2004 till 2008 he was again a dean of the textile faculty. Currently he is Head of Textile Material Engineering Department. He is author or co-author of 18 books, about 130 scientific papers published in journals and more than 450 scientific contributions on the international conferences. He is organizer of conferences Textile Science and Strutex.